If you work with Egyptian influencers, you must be familiar with emerging trends in the influencer marketing industry. Amongst these trends, one of the changes we’ve been looking forward to the most has been a shift to long term partnerships with influencers. This change comes with exciting new opportunities (and challenges) that we can’t wait to explore.

What are the benefits of long term partnerships with Egyptian influencers?

Better Understanding

The most natural outcome of forming long term partnerships with Egyptian influencers is that they’ll better understand your brand and your values. As they produce content for you over weeks and months, they’ll learn which approaches work best with their audience to then bring in more sales, follows, or likes. 

With more opportunities to produce content in collaboration with your brand, influencers will have time to explore different selling points of your product with their audience. Let’s say you run a campaign like our McVities campaign. In one video, influencers can explore its perfect dunkable size, in another, they can show how conveniently portable the product is. This has the added benefit of giving the influencers more freedom.

Creative Content

With meticulously crafted campaigns and carefully scheduled posts, it can be hard to give individual influencers freedom and flexibility. When we asked Egyptian influencers reasons they didn’t like working with brands one of the top responses was a lack of freedom and individuality. As a matter of fact, some reports indicate that influencers may value higher freedom over higher compensation.

When you develop a relationship with an influencer over time, you will have better trust and understanding. You’ll be able to break new ground by exploring creative ways of producing collaborative content. 

Higher Quality Content

This one is pretty simple. A long term partnership with an Egyptian influencer means that there are higher stakes for them to keep producing good quality content that will keep the collaboration going. With an established relationship, influencers will have more time to better  plan and create content.

Better Communication With Followers

As followers grow more familiar of your brand’s collaboration with an Egyptian influencer, the relationship will become more authentic. Influencers will become more accepting of your brand and recall it more easily. What’s more is that influencers themselves as they learn more about your brand will be better able to communicate it with followers through both content, comments, and private messages.

Bonus: Market Research

A long term partnership with an Egyptian influencer doesn’t have to be limited to content creation. These influencers will practically be expert consumers of your brand. You can reach out to them with new products to get their feedback while giving them VIP access. The long term influencers can also share valuable insights and feedback they get from their followers about your products.

Essentially, this partnership can extend beyond social media and contribute to your broader marketing efforts and even product development.

How do you Choose Egyptian influencers for long term partnerships?

The fastest and easiest way to search for Egyptian influencers is Trendster’s influencer browse tool with 13 filters and hundreds of influencers from all ages and industries. 

Here are some important factors to consider.



The right influencer needs to be passionate about your brand. Ideally, they would be someone who already uses your brand. This is key for a fruitful long term collaboration. 

Good Communicator

If you’re going to be working with an influencer for months and potentially years, it’s important that they are able to both understand you as well as communicate their thoughts and opinions. Miscommunication can lead to much unnecessary trouble.


A long term influencer should benefit the both of you, not add more work to your plate. Self motivated individuals who need little pushing and oversight are great to invest in as they can save you both time and stress.

Content Style

No two influencers are alike. Some specialize in photography, others video. An influencer’s unique content style is a whole other world in of itself. Each influencer has worked hard to craft a unique identity and personal brand. 

When choosing an Egyptian influencer for a long term partnership, pay close attention to their content. On Trendster, you can sort an influencer’s content by best performing with the click of a button.


You should identify your KPIs and select the influencers who’s metrics best line up with that you hope to achieve, whether it’s likes or video views. 

We made this quick video about how you can discover an Egyptian influencer’s instagram metrics.

How to run Egyptian Influencer Campaigns Effortlessly

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