We’re thrilled to have had a chance to invite a start studded lineup of mega influencers to Nestle’s “From Waste to Wonder” event held at the stunning Baia Beach House in Sahel. This event was all about blending luxury with sustainability and was brought to life through a fantastic collaboration between Nestle Pure Life Water and the ingenious team at Up-Fuse.

Meet Our Awesome Squad of Lifestyle Megainfluencers

Our lineup of lifestyle megainfluencers was nothing short of extraordinary. These influencers brought their unique styles and incredible reach to help make a powerful statement about the importance of sustainable living. Let’s give a shout-out to the fantastic influencers who joined us: Pacithine Badran, Zeina El Fakahany, Dalia Ragheb, Nourhanne Eissa, Dania Elbanawy, and Mohamed Mekawy.

You can watch a video recap here.

The Power of Influencer Marketing

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