Here are 5 Egyptian Micro Influencers with Mega personalities to check out this month!

Sara El Laithy

Sara creates beautiful underwater and wildlife content. Did we forget to mention that she’s also a mermaid!?

Yousef Elabd

Yousef is an Egyptian adventurer and travel creator. With him you’ll explore beautiful photography and reels of Egypt’s hidden gems.

Dalia Ghozlan

Dalia is doctor that with a well-rounded blog about medical tips, her professional journey, and lifestyle content. Following her is inspiring in more ways than one!

Mohy El din

Mohy is an authentic foodie, sharing unfiltered and honest food reviews, helping you find the greatest eats around.

Mariam Faris

Mariam is a model, sharing aesthetic fashion and lifestyle content. Follow her for a peek at model life both on the catwalk and behind the scenes.

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