Would you use a kitchen scale to weigh an African elephant?

You need different tools to measure different things. A kitchen scale is great for measuring flour while an elephant needs to go on an industrial scale. So what does this have to do with Instagram campaigns?

Although instagram is a single social media platform, not all content you see on your feed works the same way. You have stories that disappear after 24 hours, photos, videos, reels, and IGTVS.

How does this affect your choice of influencers?

With different kinds of content, you’ll find that some creators are better at using some than others. Let’s look at foodies.

You have a food blogger like Ramy Soli who creates fun and engaging reels and IGTVS. He shows us how to cook delicious and colorful meals while presenting them in beautiful trays. Mido Eats, on the other hand, posts stunning food photography shots. His photos are assembled with such precision and care that they may as well be hung up in a museum. A chef like Sarah Nashaat always shares stories where she speaks to her audience casually and unfiltered. 

To choose the right influencers for your instagram campaigns, you need to pay attention to the type of content you will be asking them to create.

Here’s what we did to make this easier. On Trendster.io you can see separate metrics for an influencer’s story reach, post likes, as well as video views.

You also have easy access to an influencer’s most recent and best performing posts. 

By looking at an influencer’s performance for specific types of content, you can choose the perfect influencers to bring your campaign to life.