Every four years, countries from around the world send their brightest and boldest athletes to compete in sports ranging from taekwondo and swimming to tennis and archery. The Olympics, over a century old, symbolize much more than mere athletic prowess. Olympic athletes work tirelessly from a very young age. They inspire courage, dedication, and grit to people all around the world. Especially from their home country. These are amazing Egyptians at the 2020 Olympics that you should follow on Instagram.

Youssof Tolba – Archery
Jayda Sharaf – Artistic Swimming
Jayda Sharaf
Bassant Hemida – Track & Road
Bassant Hemida
Ihab Abdelrahman – Field Events
Mohamed Magdi Hamza Khalif – Field Events
Doha Hany – Badminton
Hadia Hosny– Badminton
Adham Hatem Elgamal – Badminton
Momen Mahran – Kayak Sprint
Maha Gouda – Diving
Nayel Nassar – Jumping
Abdel Said – Jumping
Mouda Zeyada– Jumping
Mohamed El-Sayed– Fencing
Alaaeldin Abouelkassem – Fencing
Ziad El-Sissy – Fencing
Mohab Samer – Fencing
Yara El-Sharkawy – Fencing
Zeina Ibrahim – Gymnastics
Mandy Mohamed – Gymnastics
Habiba Marzouk – Gymnastics
Polina Fouda – Gymnastics
Seif Asser Sherif – Trampoline
Malak Hamza – Trampoline
Ramadan Darwish – Judo
Ali El-Sawy – Karate
Giana Farouk – Karate
Haydy Morsy – Pentathlon
Ahmed El-Gendy – Pentathlon
Aly Badawy – Sailing
Khouloud Mansy – Sailing
Marwan El-Kamash – Swimming
Ali Khalafalla – Swimming
Youssef Ramadan – Swimming
Farida Osman – Swimming
Omar Assar – Table Tennis
Khalid Assar – Table Tennis
Abdelrahman Wael Taekwondo
Seif EissaTaekwondo
Hedaya MalakTaekwondo
Mohamed SafwatTennis
Mayar Sherif Tennis
Basmla El-Salamoney Triathlon
Diaaeldin Kamal Wrestling

This list does not include players from the Football and Handball teams. Articles for them will soon be available on our blog.

This article has the list for Egyptian Handball players from the 2020 Olympics that you should follow on instagram.

Amazing Egyptians at the 2020 Olympics and the power of influence.

These amazing Egyptians at the 2020 Olympics are an inspiration to all Egyptians, old and young alike.

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