When Does Christmas in Egypt Actually Take Place?

Christmas is traditionally celebrated on the 25th of December all around the world. In Egypt, the large community of Coptic Orthodox Chirstians celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January. Many brands consider both dates into their marketing efforts to be inclusive of all individuals.

How do people pick presents? 

It’s almost time for the ho-ho-holidays. Although Christmas time in Egypt may not bring much snow, it certainly brings a lot of cheer and a lot of gift giving. 

From office secret santas to families sharing presents, people are on the lookout for all kinds of gifts. But choosing a gift is quite tricky. The gift needs to fit in a specific budget yet feel generous, it needs to be unexpected yet a great fit for the person.

And as with all tricky choices, people take to social media for advice. Some reports claim that over 70% of consumers make Christmas purchases based on their Facebook and Instagram. The recent TikTok made me buy it trend has had creators sharing all kinds of interesting product finds and followers clamoring to buy them.

Here’s the brilliant thing. People buy gifts based on niches. A car related gift for your car obsessed friend or the trendy new toy all the kids want.  And when it comes to niches, there’s an influencer for every interest, from car and bike influencers to mom and child influencers.

Increased Engagement for your Christmas Influencer Campaign

If you’ve read our Ramadan Influencer Campaign Cheat Sheet you may remember that creators experience a boost in engagement during the month. The same is true for the month of December. Reports claim that creators’ engagement rates surge by over 10%.

This may not seem like a game changer, but in the realm of social media, this means more story views, more messages, more likes, and more comments. It all translates to a higher return on your investment. 

Three Tips For Your Christmas Influencer Campaign

Focus on gifting

When it comes to gifting, gifts that look impressive are impressive. No one’s going to pick a present that looks cheaper than it cost. 

Gifting products to influencers is a great way of highlighting how impressive your products appear as a gift. Followers see an in-real-life demonstration of the product being unpacked and the influencer’s genuine reaction to receiving it. Key word here, genuine. It’s important to choose the right influencer for your giveaway so that the gift is meaningful and relevant.

Don’t Forget Values

As much as Christmas is a time for celebration and cheer, for many, it is an important time to focus on their values. During Christmas, many take this time to connect with their family and friends. People also take the opportunity to think of those less fortunate than them, engaging in acts of charity and service. 

If family or charity are core to your brand, it may be beneficial to highlight those aspects in your Christmas influencer campaign.

Personal Storytelling

Christmas has a very defined and clear identity, from its red and green palette to icons like trees and reindeer and flavors like cinnamon and peppermint.

Many people have favourite memories and traditions when it comes to Christmas which feel very personal to them, whether it’s the food, the clothing, or the festive celebrations. 

What makes an influencer special is their personality, who they are. Giving them the opportunity to share their personal stories is a great way of giving them space to be genuine.

When Should You Start Your Christmas Influencer Campaign?

One of the biggest mistakes brands make when starting their Christmas influencer campaigns is starting too late.

For best results you need at least 2 weeks to communicate with influencers, send out products, and give them time to create content. It’s important for you to let influencers know when you expect them to deliver your content so that it fits within your marketing plan.

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