What is the Instagram Collaborate Feature?

The new instagram collaborate feature allows you and another account to co-post the exact same photo, IGTV, or Reel.

This means that the same piece of content will appear on both of your profiles and both of your followers’ news feeds. For followers, both creator’s names will appear at the top of the piece of content.

Likes and comment are combined for the content. This is definitely worth getting excited about, but the benefits go far beyond likes. More on that in a bit!

How can I use the Collaborate Feature?

To use the collaborate feature

  1. Upload a piece of content to the app
  2. Go to the tag section, you will find the new “invite collaborator”
  3. Search and invite the collaborator you want to work with
  4. Post and wait for the collaborator to approve.

What are the benefits of using the Collaborate Feature?

There are many clear benefits to the new collaborate feature for brands and influencers.

First and most obvious is an increased level of engagement on posts thanks to brands and influencers combining their reach.

Brands will also have a quick and easy way to integrate the influencer’s stellar content on their own page. One of the biggest benefits of working with influencers.

For influencers, it will be clear to followers that the content is a brand collaboration without them having to clumsily fit it in a caption or video.

Ready to try out the new collaborate feature?

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