Car and bike influencers in Egypt are hard to find. It takes true passion and hard work for someone to be one of the real car and bike influencers in Egypt. That’s why we here at Trendster, Egypt’s top influencer marketing app, have picked some of our favorite car and bike influencers to share with you.

At the end, we will show you how you can contact these influencers with ease.

Why do Egyptians love cars and bikes?

Beauty, power, and peak engineering. Nowhere else will you find these three ideals come together so perfectly as in a car. And then there’s freedom. There’s no feeling quite like going 100km/h on an empty high way. With a bike, you are one with a machine that can take you places in hours instead of weeks.

Trendster’s Top Car and Bike Influencers in Egypt

Nour Ehab

A self proclaimed biker girl, Nour is definitely one of the car and bike influencers in Egypt that you need to keep an eye on. She’s always got the sleekest new bikes.

Ahmed El Wakil

 Ahmed El Wakil is one of the most prominent car and bike influencers in Egypt. El Wakil is a frequent guest at Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mini, Jeep, Nissan and Shell’s exclusive international events.

He is also one of the main judges for Red Bull CPD drifting Championship, The biggest race series in the region.

Yara Sharqa

Yara Sharqa is an Egyptian automotive influencer and lifestyle blogger. Follow her for an interesting mix of high life and adrenaline.

Rami Serry

Rami Serry has 20+ years of racing under his (seat)belt. He annually organizes championships with an audience reaching 10,000 spectators per event and runs a racing academy where he teaches the fundamentals of racing and safe driving.

Soliman Hany

Soliman is the owner of an auto showroom specialized in luxury cars and motorcycles.

Osama Mahdy

Osama Mahdy loves bikes so much that he opened up his own bike shop in Egypt.

Mirna Makary

What she lacks in followers, she makes up in passion. Mirna has worked with brands like Harley Davidson and Bajaj. Keep an eye out for this up an coming influence-star!

How can I contact car and bike influencers in Egypt for collaborations?

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