Tiktok vs Instagram influencers. Which work best for your brand? For years Instagram was the uncontested king of influencer marketing. That is, until Tiktok came out of nowhere and exploded in popularity. Both apps may seem similar at first, but there are important differences that set them apart. 

We’ll break down Tiktok vs Instagram influencers in terms of audience demographics, content style, as well as post performance. We’ll also outline how to effortlessly launch and run influencer campaigns.

Tiktok & Instagram Audience Demographics

Instagram’s largest age group are 25 to 34 years old. Tiktok, on the other hand, has a younger audience consisting mostly of 16 to 24 year olds. 

When it comes to gender, Instagram has slightly more females than males, a split of around 60/40. The exact opposite is true for Tiktok, with more male users. So when it comes to Tiktok vs Instagram influencers, it’s worth considering the age and gender you want to target. Your influencer of choice, however, also plays a significant role in the audience that you will reach.

In short: Instagram has an older audience of millennials and slightly more women.

Tiktok has a younger Gen Z audience and slightly more men. 

Tiktok vs Instagram Content Style

When it comes to the types of media that you can post, Instagram is the clear winner. On instagram you can post photos, carousels (multiple photo slideshows), Reels (short videos), IGTVs (long videos), stories (media that last for 24 hours), and highlights (story content featured on profile long term).

Tiktok only allows for short videos, up to 1 minute long (3 minutes for some users). While at first glance this may make it seem inferior to instagram, Tiktok has a few tricks up its sleeve. Unlike instagram, Tiktok has an enormous library of weird and wacky filters and audio clips that influencers can use to create unique and memorable content. Users can also remix and commentate on others’ content through ‘duets’ and ‘stitches’. 

Here’s what this translates to in the case of Tiktok vs Instagram influencers. Tiktok influencers produce content that is more ‘raw’ or ‘organic which makes it more personal and playful. Instagram influencers are artisans when it comes to crafting beautiful shots and stunning videos to promote a particular lifestyle. 

Tiktok vs Instagram Performance

Users interact with content quite differently for Tiktok vs Instagram influencers. On instagram, they almost exclusively see content from those they are following. This typically means that influencers with a larger audience have content that is seen by more people. That being said, instagram followers are definitely not what you should be basing your influencer choice on.

On Tiktok, users spend most of their time on the ‘for you’ page, an algorithm curated feed based on their interests rather than who they follow.

How does this translate to content performance? This means that when it comes to Tiktok vs Instagram influencers, those on Tiktok have a higher potential of creating viral content, even if they’ve got a smaller following. Smaller instagram creators also have a unique set of advantages.

The rundown on Tiktok & Instagram Influencers

If you want to create casual, lighthearted content for a younger audience in order to increase awareness, Tiktok is your go-to. 

Instagram offers a more versatile set of options in terms of content and style. It allows for higher production with more ways of promoting direct sales. 

What do Tiktok vs Instagram Campaigns look like?

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