Summer months mean kicking back and having some fun in the sun! That’s exactly what we did with these three influencer campaigns.

Beko Influencer Campaign Egypt

Using innovative three-colour light technology, Beko’s HarvestFreshβ„’ cleverly mimics the sun’s natural 24-hour cycle. In doing so, the unique crisper preserves vitamins A and C for up to five days longer than standard refrigerators. This helps boost your immune system and promotes a healthier, more nutritious lifestyle. 

Firstly Beko sent influencers a customized Kit containing customized farmer clothes, a hat, harvesting tools, boots, gloves and an invitation. Influencers then unboxed it on their stories, telling their fans to stay tuned to what they have in store with Beko, taking them and using the hashtag #inspiredbynature.

You can check out Beko’s instagram page here.

Hero Baby Influencer Campaign Egypt

Influencers started by unboxing the Hero Baby Summer Kit and showing off all the cool summer essentials provided. The influencers showcased the full range of Hero Baby products focusing on the jars and popsicle. They then created one of the recipes shared on the hero baby page on instagram, announcing the competition to win this giveaway. 

You can check out Hero Baby’s Instagram page here.

Dolce Icecream Influencer Campaign Egypt

Dolce is the cool ice cream that satisfies teens’ craving for novelty while fitting within their budget. That’s why Dolce took to the help of Tiktok’s hottest stars. They created viral videos dancing to Dolce’s new song. Undoubtedly Tiktok viral songs have been one of this decade’s most exciting new media for marketing.

You can check out Tiktok’s Tiktok page here.

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