Here’s an exclusive breakdown of our Ramadan campaign with Max Fashion Egypt.

Ramadan festivities mean lots of family gatherings and outings with friends. For a lot of people, this makes it an important time to shop for new clothes. 

Max Fashion sells a wide range of affordable casual clothing for women, men, and children. This year, Trendster partnered Max with top Egyptian fashion influencers to showcase their Ramadan collection.

This campaign featured 23 influencers with a combined audience just shy 4.5 million followers. The influencers ranged from large to small audiences. Different sized influencers interact with their audiences differently. A diversity in audience size helps brands reach prospects in different ways. Micro influencers for example come with their own unique advantages.

Influencers created and shared 29 posts and almost 500 stories during the collaboration. Meanwhile, the posts received over 80,000 likes and 1500 comments. 

May mohamed, Aya Samir, and Habiba Saad were some of the influencers with outstanding performance when it came to likes and Raghda Hassan had a great engagement rate. Sherouk Hatem and Marwa Mortada, on the other hand, saw an impressive number of comments on their content.

The posts were seen about 800k times and saved by almost 4000 people. Saving a post is one of the best indicators for interest. When it came to saves, May Mohamed and Aya Samir had some of the best performing posts.

The influencers’ stories were viewed a total of about 240k times.

Here’s a breakdown of this campaign’s ROI.

The cost per 1000 engagements on posts was 2 egp and 0.3 egp per 1000 people reached. The cost per 1000 story views was 1.9 egp.

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