The key element behind any effective form of marketing is one simple thing; influence. Influence is the main metric by which marketers assess the success of any campaign. There is a common misconception that the reach of a person or a particular medium is the determining factor of a marketing campaign’s success. That is however, argued by marketing research firms around the world not to be true.

Authenticity is the one thing that marketers and influencers alike want to achieve in their work. It is also the reason that certain micro-influencers may have a relatively larger impact than their macro counterparts. With influencer marketing specifically, some brands tend to produce their own content and demand that the influencers publish it completely untouched. That happens to mostly be the case with larger influencers. Marketing research has shown, it comes at the expense of the influencer’s credibility , which in the long-run decreases their influence. This is what makes organic influencers stand out as the future of the industry.

What is an Organic Influencer?(Marketing Research)

An organic influencer is someone who has cultivated their influence and public persona purely through the merit of their content and or style. Furthermore, organic influencers tend to start out as ordinary social media users and grow gradually to become widely recognized figures. Their popularity and fame rises through their mastery in content creation. That is without other external factors as is the case with other fields. Organic influencers also tend to be have a relatively modest following comprising of loyal and highly engaged users.

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The Trust Factor

An organic influencer is seen by their followers almost as an online friend or muse from which they get inspiration and take advice. Making their interaction with them more attentive and sincere.

Real People

A recent study by Stackla found that people are 9.8x more likely to purchase a product they see their friends wearing online as opposed to a celebrity. Organic influencers are the real people who buy products they like and feel best represent them; they are genuine advocates for the brands they buy from.

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