Launching a startup can be a very hard task. Especially in this day and age with competition appearing to be virtually every where. Apart from raising awareness, gaining traction is another crucial element which is key to launching any new business successfully. There is no question that people are now, more than ever, bombarded with promotional content on a daily basis. We would have to possess superhuman abilities to pay attention to each thing they we presented with. With such a large and rapidly expanding marketing industry, marketers and small-business owners are faced with tons of challenges when trying to raise awareness of a newly established brands. If you are a startup don’t worry we are going to tell you how your Startup or Startups can Benefit from Micro Influencers.

When developing a brandโ€™s core following, micro-influencers are an awesome asset. Some even believe that they are more effective than the more popular macro-influencers. There are many advantages in hiring micro-influencers to introduce a new brand to the public.

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1. High Engagement

This may seem like a given for any influencer but it is generally the case that micro-influencers have higher engagement rates compared larger, influencers and celebrities. Micro influencers tend to grow their following through a more sincere approach. This adds a great sense of authenticity to their craft. Mega influencers are often widely known in name only or due to their presence in the mainstream. This however affects their relatability with their followers as they target a broader audiences.

2. Niche Audience

As micro-influencers have relatively small audiences. Their followers are more likely to follow them mainly because they enjoy their content. This allows the influencer to foster a particularly close relationship with their followers, similar to that of two close friends. Content therefore posted by a micro-influencer is likely to be received by an audience that actually cares.

3. Cost-Effective

Micro Influencers are a great fit for startups. This is mainly due to the fact that they are are extremely affordable. Micro-influencers charge, on average, $100 per 10k followers. This is a far more feasible option to hiring macro-influencers, where charges may go into the thousands of dollars. They are also willing to create content in return for products or services for brands they love.

4. Domino Effect

An important thing to keep in mind when choosing micro-influencers is the chain reaction that results from influencing one keen follower. Due to the particularly close relationship micro-influencers have with their followers. Anything that makes an impression on one of their followers is likely to be shared by that person to their friends and so on, creating a chain reaction whereby word of mouth exponentially raises awareness of the brand. If done correctly Startups can Benefit from Micro Influencers and utilize this channel to reach their goals.

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