Becoming an influencer may seem like a straightforward endeavor to one who has the necessary panache to be a role model for others. However, making it as one of Egypt’s top influencers comes with a lot of challenges, difficulties, and effort that are seldom spoken of. There are also, of course, varying degrees of success amongst influencers; to some, it seemingly comes naturally. Whilst others have to put in blood, sweat, and tears to reach the level of popularity and success that they have. Although some undoubtedly take it in their stride easier than others. Perseverance and strategic thinking are necessary components in any influencer’s journey to fame.

We spoke to some of Egypt’s top influencers and asked them about their path to social media glory, the hurdles they faced, and the ways by which they were able to climb the ladder of influencer success.

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What reasons and motivation did you have to create a public social media presence?

Laurice Matta: Well my only motivation and reason back then was my little beauty playground, at 10 years old. I wanted to create a page for PR and marketing so people can get to know more about me and my business.

Egypt's top Influencers - Laurice Matta

Deena El Khattam: I’ve always liked fashion and following the latest trends. I tried blogging about nine years ago. I used to post pictures of my daily outfits on a regular basis, attend fashion events, and create content.

Susan & Nesma Kadry (KD Sisters): Helping people discover new thingsand socialise with each other.

Logina Salah: For me, the main motivation in creating a social media presence was to create content that has a positive impact on people. Encouraging them to live their life being the best version of themselves. And not to compare themselves to others cause everyone has their own beauty.

Emmy Agrama: Well, while everybody else’s account was on private in 2014, I was like ‘what do I have there that should be kept as a secret?!’ Nothing! And as a world traveler, I was thrilled to share my experiences and trips with everyone so that was my reason to start.

What are some challenges you faced along the way?

LM: The biggest challenge was balancing my personal life and my Instagram page when it started to grow rapidly. Lots of drama with family and work made it difficult to put things in focus.

DK: The biggest challenge is putting up with all the negativity and hate spew out on social media. Keeping in mind that you can never impress everyone out there.

S&NK: We faced many challenges, including lack of understanding of people in the beginning. The nature of social networking and many criticisms.

Egypt's top Influencers - KD Sister Style

LS: I faced many, many challenges. The one that stood out the most was trying to show the other side of social media. To show that I am different and embracing my flaws was the biggest challenge for me.

EA: My biggest challenge was either to create posts or captions in Arabic or in English! As I live in Dubai but I’m Egyptian and I’m traveling the world…

What was the turning point where your recognition increased drastically?

LM: Becoming a mother was the biggest turning point. It changed my whole life and it reflected on my page.

DK: Being recognised by people from my social media page.

S&NK: When we appeared in fashion programs in the media, which led people to better understand the nature of our work.

LS: People started to love me more when I took the makeup off. I showed everyone that I am completely happy and satisfied with who I am. Living a completely normal life and not trying so hard to look flawless.

Egypt's top Influencers - Lojaina Salah

EA: I made around 20k followers in the first year and that really motivated me to take my profile to the next level which is posting fashion tips and outfit details.

What advice would you give to aspiring influencers? How do they become one of Egypt’s top influencers?

LM: Keep it real! Be completely yourself.

DK: Put in the hard work. Approach brands, make sure people out there know that you exist, be consistent, produce quality content, and manage your social media well.

S&NK: Discover what can distinguish your work and provide the best content you can.

LS: My forever advice is: be yourself. You are original so don’t try to copy anyone and don’t get intimidated by all the seemingly perfect lives on social media as it’s not always the full picture.

EA: My advice would be: stay real, stay you, and don’t copy anyone. Don’t you ever let criticism or negative comments put you down.

Emmy Agrama - Egypt's top Influencers

What distinguishes one influencer from the rest?

LM: Their engagement rate I guess…

DK: Consistency and constant development.

S&NK: Each influencer has their own personality and character.

LS: What distinguishes every influencer is their genuineness and credibility – those are priceless to me.

EA: What makes an influencer special is how original their content is and the level of engagement they have with their audience or followers.

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