With more companies seeking ways to tap into niche audiences, influencer marketing has become an undeniable rising force in the industry. Running an influencer marketing campaigns has become essential to connect with your brands audience. Instagram currently takes top spot amongst social media platforms in terms of user interaction and impact; there are more than 1 billion active user per month with millions of photos uploaded every day.

Studies conducted by Instagram state that 68% of their users visit the platform to interact with content creators. That being said, there is undoubtedly no better tool for influencer marketing than Instagram.

Five Tips For Boosting Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Influencers are powerful marketing tools because of the close connection they have with their audience. A connection built on good content creation and clever strategy. Two key elements in being able to effectively engage a target audience. Boosting an online campaign shows the best results when it is targeting an influencer’s specific audience. Not purely tailored for a broad audience.

Don’t make changes to the influencer content.

Influencers are the best at engaging their audience. After all, they wouldn’t have reach social media fame if that weren’t so. Don’t make changes to the content or caption, no matter how small. You’re not advertising from your own channel here – have faith in the influencer to achieve your goals.

when creating influencer marketing campaigns think about the audience you’r targeting.

Ensure that the audience you are targeting for boosting is aligned with the organic audience of the influencer. Influencers tend to gain new followers from boosting of their promotional content. However, if new followers are not similar to their existing audience, their audience quality can go down.

Don’t boost your influencer content until it has been live for over 48 hours.

Organic Instagram posts see most of their engagements and impressions within the first 48 hours. Ideally you should boost after a 48-hour wait to ensure any overlap between organic and boosting audience happen on different days.

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Don’t drag out your boosting unnecessarily.

Don’t boost content for any longer than two weeks so that it is still relevant; influencer content is often seasonal or related to a specific event. We also recommend boosting content within two weeks of the organic post going live.

Respect the influencer’s organic reach.

If the influencer’s original post reached 100K impressions, you should limit your boosting to this as well. The power of influencers lies in their authenticity and the credibility they have with their followers. Using their content to reach a wider audience on your brand’s page is a better option and doesn’t have the same adverse effect.