Looking back over the ten years, one of the things that stand out to marketers around the globe is the arrival and meteoric rise of influencer marketing. There is no doubt that the wider marketing industry has generally seen major advancements; from finding new forms of marketing to using new types of media. It is safe to say that the industry is as versatile as it ever has been. Influencer marketing was created early on in the decade as a new concept. Currently it is one of the most promising and effective forms of marketing. In this Article we will explore what Influencer Marketing in 2020 will look like.

According to Statista, the average amount of time people are spending on digital media has been increasing rapidly. Traditional media that was the most consumed throughout the 20th Century and early 2000’s, is decreasing. In 2011, the average amount of time spent on traditional media per day was 453 minutes. This is more than double the average that was spent on digital media, which was only 214 minutes. In 2018, the time people spend on digital media finally surpassed that of traditional media, with 395 minutes spent on the former and 315 minutes on the latter. With these figures continuing on their steady track, there is no doubt that the coming decade will depend heavily on social media.

With the growing popularity of social media, the 20’s are expected to open new doors. As a result, tons of opportunities for marketers, influencers, and social media users. Some of the most likely predictions are:

influencer marketing in 2020

Long-term partnerships between brands and content creators

People are becoming more aware of brand marketing tactics. This has resulted in a growing distrust between social media users and mega-influencers who endorse products or services that are not aligned with their audience. In addition, ad content is becoming increasingly abundant across all social media platforms and consumers are starting to take notice.

To deal with this problem, brands are starting to create long-term relationships with influencers. Mainly ones whose personalities align with their brands ethos. This ensures that their promotional content will resonate with their audiences. Ultimately, brands will start to create more genuine and effective campaigns.

Advances in influencer marketing data and technology

As influencer marketing continues to gain more recognition. The flow of investment into it will surely increase in 2020. This will allow influencer marketing platforms to enhance their analytical tools and the technology by which they connect influencers with brands.

Such advancements in technology will surely encourage more brands to utilize influencer marketing. Also influencers to create more engaging content.

Video content will thrive

Video content is becoming the medium of choice for marketers and content creators. With some platforms purely focused on short videos, such as Vine and TikTok. A recent Google study suggests that 6 out of 10 people would rather watch online videos than TV. It is no secret that the people’s attention spans are shorter now than ever before.

Video content will become an essential part of influencer marketing campaigns in 2020. As a result, brands will seek charismatic influencers to review their product or service in creative, eye-catching videos.

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