Influencer marketing emerged early on in the last decade as a niche concept amongst advertisers but quickly proved to be a game-changing phenomenon within the industry. With the number of influencer campaigns increasing day by day. There is little doubt around about influencers effectiveness for brands of all types and sizes. The increasing sophistication of social media platforms has allowed influencers to steadily thrive in the world of advertising; in many ways, it reflects the technological advancements of digital media. With social media playing an increasingly bigger role in people’s lives. It is only fitting to resort to such media for the best reach and impact. In this article we will explore how the adoption of AI will take this industry to a whole new level and how influencer marketing agencies need to start to utilize these tools to guarantee influencer success.

Marketers currently have a wide range of tools to assess an influencer’s marketing potential. Such tools highlight things such as: engagement rate, demographic, geographical impact, and peak time to post. Artificial Intelligence has the capability of factoring otherwise immeasurable variables. Hence, if successfully integrated with influencer marketing, AI has the power to revolutionize the industry.

How AI Will Benefit Influencer Marketing Agencies

AI can greatly enhance the efficiency by which Influencer Marketing Agencies find the perfect creators by:

1. Enabling Content-Based Influencer Classification, Through Textual Content and Image Recognition

AI analysis of influencer content can determine things like interests, hobbies, brand associations, and affinities. Furthermore, the style and visual mood of an influencer’s content can also be analyzed and compared with those of the brand to assess compatibility.

2. Comprehensively Analyzing Audience Engagement

An influencer’s audience engagement can be analyzed beyond mere quantitative figures. Moreover, AI can detect an audience’s reactions and sentiments towards a particular influencer. And how certain content resonates with them by analyzing their comments.

3. Finding Relevant Influencers Based on Brand’s Marketing History

AI can easily make a thorough assessment of a brand’s social media page. As well as factor in things like the brand’s goals and values to determine which influencers are the best fit for them.

AI can help Influencer Marketing Agencies by ways other than identifying the right influencers for brands. Such ways include:

1. Detecting Fraudulent Influencers and Fake Engagement

It is often a hassle for brands to filter out influencers who present themselves as something they are not or generate fake engagement to seem more popular. AI can easily detect such behaviour and save brands from an unnecessary burden.

2. Predicting and Calculating ROI (Return on Investment)

By being able to process complicated mathematical algorithms in very little time. Furthermore, AI can thoroughly evaluate previous influencer campaigns to draw relevant connections and produce an accurate estimate of a campaign’s potential outcome in terms of revenue.

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