Influencer Marketing is a modern-day tactic that’s revolutionizing the marketing world as we know it, in other words it is taking it by storm. Social media platforms are the home of influencers, however, they are changing and evolving every day. Having said that, one needs to bear certain things in mind first. What we mean is that like any marketing strategy, influencer marketing comes with some do’s and don’ts that must be taken into account.

So, if you want to create powerful influencer marketing campaigns, take a moment to read along.


Don’t: Make your campaign too generic

The more specified you are, the better results you get. Don’t drown yourself with too many audiences and focus on a particular niche instead so your message is not confusing.

Do: Make it relatable

Personalize your campaign. If your content is relatable to your target audience, it will resonate. That takes us to the fact that you must pick the right influencers to work with, and by that we mean the ones relevant to your brand. For instance, if you have a sportswear brand, instead of collaborating with a TV star, a famous fitness coach or athlete would sound more convincing.

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Don’t: Focus on macro influencers only

It’s not all about the numbers, engagement is far more important. When it comes to big celebrities, their interaction with followers isn’t as great as micro-influencers’.

Do: Focus on micro influencers too

Micro-influencers, on the other hand, are much more interactive with their followers. Why? Well, they’re perceived to be more authentic and people tend to connect and relate with them more, which takes us back to our first point. Hence, your campaign is more likely to spark engagement.

Another important point to note is that they’re more budget-friendly and more enthusiastic to work with brands as they’re most likely going to be at an earlier stage. For more information about micro-influencers, click here.


Don’t: Be fixated on your own ideas only include the influencers in the process

Ditch the “my way or the highway” attitude; it won’t get you anywhere. Flexibility is key. You can give guidance to the influencer without forcing them on a particular plan. That way, they’ll be more likely to be invested in your campaign as much as you are.

Also, you probably chose to work with this particular influencer for a reason; maybe they create killer content, or you enjoy how they interact with their audience. Thus, you should know that he/she knows his/her audience best; let them communicate with their own voice, advise them instead of directing them.

Do: Be open to your influencers ideas and leave room for their input.

Influencers reached where they are now for good reasons, and creative content is definitely one of those. Let them use their imagination, and you never know, the results may surprise you.

The best thing you could do about this is sit down with influencers in advance for a brainstorming session. Exchange ideas, convey your vision, and let them implement their way.


Don’t: Rush or demand too much from influencers

Rushing into a campaign might result in the influencer not fully understanding your vision. Hence, sloppy content, and we don’t want that. Also, asking for too much will compromise quality.

Do: Give it time

Without having to stray away from your timeline and deadline, give brainstorming and execution enough time. You need the influencer to be able see your vision like you do and be enthusiastic about it just like you are. This way, you’d guarantee quality and authenticity. Remember, quality over quantity.


Don’t: Plan for one platform only

It’s not all about Instagram; yes, the platform is booming, but considering other mediums to reach your audience is essential. Focusing on one platform will make you lose other possible audiences and opportunities.

Not to mention that messages and their means of transmission depend on one another. For example, if we’re talking about a product review, rather than an Instagram post, a YouTube video would be more believable, detailed, and visually appealing.

Do: Consider other social networks too

Influencers that have a strong presence on several platforms; such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube all together for instance, will enable you to reach more people. They might even be with different interests, or in other words, from different niches. Thus, higher return on investment after all.

By considering different platforms you’ll also have more ways to showcase your product or service. Conveying a message has to be creative, and the more tools you have under your sleeve, the more crafty you can get.

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