Social media can be tough to break into as a new brand or startup. Thats why teams are often created with the responsibility of managing the company’s online pages. Devising strategies, creating good content, and sparking engagement are all key to winning online. But without the proper push, you may face several obstacles and find your progress disappointing. Historically, the most lasting ideas and beliefs have always started with just one person. It might be easy nowadays to underestimate the power of one but sometimes that’s all it takes. In influencer marketing, there is an element of sincerity and authenticity which makes audiences more attentive to the message.

Unlike conventional marketing, people freely choose the influencers they want to follow and look up to. This is usually dependent on how closely they match their taste and style. This makes them more wiling to share influencer content as opposed to a regular ad.

Influencers nature are great in creating engaging content. That is what got them to where they are after all. They know exactly what resonates with their audience and what makes them tick.

But again, what distinguishes influencer-generated content?

  • Brings great results: According to a survey done by Linqia. 57% of the respondents have shown that influencer-generated content performs better than brand-generated content.
  • Cheap: in comparison to Conventional media outlets who charge ridiculous fees for their advertising slots due to their wide reach.
  • Diverse: There is a wide range of influencers with different styles, interests, tastes, moods, and audiences. This makes brands more likely to find ones that are perfect for their campaigns.
  • Measurable: Social media insights have made it so easy to monitor progress and measure ROI.
  • Targets the right audiences: Targeting precision surpasses all others.
Influencer marketing

So, how do I get started with influencer marketing?

Willing to opt for influencer-generated content? Great. Here’s what you could do to guarantee great results:

  • Collaborate with multiple influencers: This way, you get to diversify content and see what works best. If you’re a fashion brand, for instance, reach out to various influencers in the field. Perhaps a fashion entrepreneur, a stylist, a fashion blogger, and a lifestyle blogger.
  • Trial and error: Monitor progress and see what works most effectively with your target audience.
  • Build relationships: Build a strong relationship with the influencers that work well with your brand; devise a long-term plan with them.

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