When Should I Start Preparing for my Ramadan Influencer Marketing Campaign?

Everyone knows and loves the iconic ads that grace our screens every year for Ramadan.

But true experts know that the real marketing magic happens weeks in advance.

Most consumers start making their Ramadan purchase decisions in the several weeks leading up to the holy month. This means that marketers need to start making plans at least a couple of months ahead.

With Ramadan starting in April, a successful Ramadan marketing campaign should ideally start rolling out by mid March.

Types of Ramadan Influencer Marketing Campaigns


Influencers are experts at sweeping viewers off of their feet and taking them on a personal journey. Viewers can get a first person perspective of unique Ramadan activities and events through an experience campaign.

An experience Ramadan influencer marketing campaign is quick and easy to set up. With a simple invitation, an influencer can create genuine in-the-moment content.

These campaigns work great for activities that people attend in person such as a restaurant or tent.

Gift Box

A gift box allows you to elevate your product with unique accessories. Alongside your product, a gift box can include items that can be used with your product to help highlight its different uses. A gift box can also contain items that position your product for a certain lifestyle. For example, in our Nestle campaign, recycled products helped highlight the new recycled products’ environmentally friendly positioning. 

A gift box Ramadan influencer campaign requires some setting up in advance but can be rolled out rather quickly when everything’s in place.


A skit is the perfect marriage between traditional advertising and influencer marketing. In a skit, an influencer can create a very short fictional scenario to market your product. 

This allows for the creativity and flexibility of traditional advertising methods while also capitalizing on the influencer’s audience and persona.

Influencer skits are also perfectly formatted for social media with an organic feel, attention to trends, and fast pacing.


The Ramadan sufra is a staple of the holy month. With consumers looking for both top quality ingredients to cook traditional recipes as well as interesting new dishes to wow their guests, a recipe Ramadan influencer campaign is an invaluable marketing tool.

Each different food influencer or β€˜foodie’ brings their own unique style and twist to the recipe. Foodies come in many varieties, targeting different audiences with different lifestyles and levels of expertise. 

Trendster has over 250 Egyptian foodies that you can collaborate with.


An affiliate campaign equips influencers with unique discounts and promo codes for their followers. Influencers are given the freedom to market and promote their unique discount code.

The great advantage of affiliate marketing campaigns is that influencers can be compensated based on sales through their code. This ensures a high ROI and with Trendster you can directly track the performance and impact of each influencer separately.

With an affiliate campaign you can work with potentially hundreds of influencers.


Some products have unique selling points that need to be highlighted to consumers. This is typically a marketing challenge since it is often hard to grab viewers’ attention for longer than a few seconds.

That’s where influencers come in.

Audiences love listening to influencers and influencers know how to share information with their viewers in a way that is pleasant to listen to and easy to understand.

With a well written brief, you can use the power of influencer marketing this Ramadan to highlight your product’s unique selling points.

How to Launch a Ramadan Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer campaigns are easy to set up, launch, and track on Trendster.io.

You can set up a new campaign and have it ready to launch in less than 15 minutes.

If you’d like to learn more, reach out to us on social media or email us at info@trendster.io