Forget About the Algorithm

Living in a world run by algorithms, it can feel like numbers are all that matter anymore. What time will you post? How many likes are you getting? What about your engagement rate? Are you posting the ideal number of reels? But numbers by themselves won’t help you become a successful influencer.

If you want to become a successful influencer and want to create content for people rather than an algorithm, this can feel demotivating. But here’s the truth. Not all traits can be turned into data and numbers. This is especially true in Egypt. Egyptians are very social and there are certain character traits that they admire.  

Here are 4 traits you need to develop to become a successful influencer in Egypt.

Successful Influencer Trait 1: Being Authentic

Being authentic is probably one of the hardest things to do online. We often try to present our best selves. We pick and choose only the very best moments and then edit those to make them look even better. This is by no means an ineffective practice for racking up a following, but it’s nowhere near as powerful as being Authentic if you want to become a successful influencer.

Egyptian-Montenegrin influencer Tara Emad has been in the spotlight from a very young age. Tara landed her first photoshoot at the age of 14 and was dubbed ‘Teen Queen of Africa’ at the age of 17. Fame and success at such a young age would be enough to send even level-headed to slip into self absorbed and narcissistic behaviours.

But not Tara. With a following almost 2 million strong and countless appearances on both the big and little screen, Tara manages to remain humble and authentic. She’s honest about her personal struggles and is never shy on advocating for the things he cares about. In this interview Tara speaks openly about issues with confidence and bullying.

Successful Influencer Trait 2: Speaking With Your Audience

We’ve all seen the comics depicting Millennials as mindless zombies starting into glowing glass screens. It’s ironic, isn’t it? Because smartphones are portals of connection more So than television, radio, or any other medium that came before. That’s why it’s important to remember that to become a successful influencer, you need to think less like a movie star and more like the head of a community. Social media is all about talking with other people and Sarah Khanna is great at it. 

Egyptian-Indian foodie, cooking instructor, and former CBC Sofra host Sarah Khana shares delicious hearty recipes on her page. But Sarah’s success lies beyond the mouth watering pictures of creamy butter chicken and aromatic golden rice. Sarah talks with her audience. 

It seems like obvious advice but amidst creating content and worrying about the algorithm, it’s very easy to overlook. Sarah always shares herself first and foremost. Her likes, her dislikes, what she’s craving, how she’s been feeling. This is key if you want your audience to develop a personal connection with you. They need to know you like they would a close friend. A quick glance at Sarah’s comment sections or story are enough proof that her followers see her as a friend and are always enthusiastic to talk with her.

You can collaborate with Sarah here.

Successful Influencer Trait 3: Standing Out

If there’s anything instagram doesn’t need more of, it’s fashion influencers. It’s easy to fall into the trap of just showing off outfits with little regard to the content itself. This leads to blogs with hundreds of near identical shots with near identical poses and angles. The same thing can happen with all categories from food to make. What is it that sets you apart? To become a successful influencer, you need to stand out. But that doesn’t mean you need to have a gimmick. 

Here’s how Jessica Toutounji (@dressupwithjay) stands out. You’ll find the usual posts on her profile, posing in perfectly coordinated outfits. But it’s all about what’s between those posts. Odd angles and closeups of shoes. Artistic shots of chandeliers, eggs benedict, and the sky. Photos at the supermarket, at museums, and in small Egyptian villages. 

Jessica builds on her identity as a fashion influencer by branding herself through her lens. She curates her profile to reflect who she is, how she sees the world, and what sets her apart.

Successful Influencer Trait 4: Having Energy

The magical thing about energy is that it’s infectious. We all know a person who lights up the room when they walk in. This is just as true online and is a surefire way of becoming a successful influencer. By energy, we don’t mean using loud music and fast editing. We’re talking about excitement and passion.

If we’re talking energy, we need not look further than Ahmed, also known as @Ouda.5. Ahmed exudes energy. Half of his content features physical fitness and working out. The other half features spur of the moment vlogs exploring everything from food review to lessons in self improvement.

It’s not uncommon to find Ahmed posting every single day, sometimes more than once. This passion for creation is key to attracting and inspiring followers. People are drawn to those who motivate them and inspire them to grow.

Where Can I Find Egyptian Influencers

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