To really appreciate the advantages of working with influencers, you need to look back in time.

It was only a few decades ago that launching a new advertising campaign meant suffering through days of planning, dealing with expensive sets, cameras that weighed as much as a small car, and an army of creatives. It wasn’t much fun for anyone involved. But thank you Steve Jobs, thank you Zuckerberg, thank you influencers, creating content for your brand has never been more carefree! 

Here are the six advantages of working with influencers that you don’t want to miss out on.

1) It’s Faster

Every step of the content creation process is faster with influencers.

With a traditional agency you would have a team spend days brainstorming content ideas that would then travel up and down the chain of command before running through the obstacle course of production. 

Influencers do it all themselves. You can send out a brief with deliverables and have dozens of talented individuals each create ready-to-post content within the hour. It’s a breeze both to set up and track deliverables online. 

2)The Content is More Unique

With a traditional agency you would have the same art director set up a location where you would shoot your content with the same three models. It can get real repetitive real fast. 

But one of the advantages of working with influencers is that you’ll never be short on variety. No two influencers are alike, they can’t be. Whether it’s food or fashion, each influencer has crafted a unique identity. Some go for a bit of humor, others go for a pinch of pizzazz. With every occasion and event, each influencer will create content that is special in their very own way.

3)You’ll Save Money

Traditionally, you needed to hire a lot of people and rent a truckful of equipment to create good content. Photographers, designers, models, cameras, props, editors. The list goes on. Naturally, it cost a lot of money.

But you no longer need to break the bank to create groundbreaking content. You can save a lot of money by having influencers create content for your brand. An influencer is a jack of all trades. They’ve got a camera and editing suite in their pockets at all times. They shoot their own content, are their own model, and write their own captions. They do it all spectacularly and for a fraction of the cost it would take to hire a whole team.

4)You Get More Content

How many pieces of content can you create with an agency? With a traditional campaign you’ll probably get a dozen photos and videos under the same concept. Let’s say you want to celebrate mother’s day, more than two or three posts on your page would be overkill.

That’s not a very effective way of getting word of your brand out though, is it? It’s simple maths. The more pieces of content are shared about your, the more people they will influence. In a recent campaign with L’Oreal Paris for example, we mobilized over 60 influencers to create and share over 200 pieces of content. The content reached over 300 thousand people.  

This isn’t just content that they will share on their page. This is content for your own profiles, it’s content that you can put on your website, print out, and even run in your own ads.

5)They’re Socially Optimized

You wouldn’t go to a seafood restaurant for a great sundae or use gardening shears for arts and crafts. Each is tailored for a specific purpose. When it comes to marketing, things are exactly the same.

Agencies are great at producing a specific kind of content. If you need billboards on the highway or peak hour TV spots, then it’s time to pull out all the writers, directors, and big cameras. But what if you want to create great social content? Then none of that is of any use to you. All you need is, you guessed it, influencers! 

That’s one of the advantages of working with influencers. They’re digital natives and social media experts. They’re the best at creating engaging, authentic, and impactful content to share online. 

6)They Have a Loyal Audience

You can hire Steven Spielberg to shoot an ad set at the Pyramids featuring a live performance by Beyonce. It will be cool, it’ll be flashy, it may even bring tears to some people’s eyes. Sure, people will love your ad. But would they love your product? It’s hard to say. It’s necessary to earn your audience’s trust. If you don’t, then you just spent a small fortune on a short movie that won’t turn its audience into your customers.

This is probably one of the biggest advantages of working with Influencers. Influencers, by definition, inspire change. It’s estimated that 9 in 10 people make purchases based on influential members of their community. Peering through product reviews is now a standard part of shopping. Influencers have audiences in the thousands who actively follow them. Sure, followers know that influencers are being paid to promote a product, but they trust them to share honest reviews and to only work with brands that they support. Followers May also purchase products that influencers support as they inspire to be more like them.

 What Comes Next?

With six great advantages to working with influencers, there’s really no excuse to not incorporate them into your marketing plan. The hardest part is getting started, but there’s good news. We’ve made it our mission to make launching and managing influencer campaigns in Egypt and the Middle East a breeze. All you need to do to access thousands of influencers is just create a free account on Trendster. You can even find the mobile brand app wherever you download your apps!