Content is king. But following the right trends can make or break a great piece of content. That why it’s key to keep an eye on Instagram 2022 trends going into the new year.

Instagram conducted a series of surveys with users to better understand how they feel about everything from beauty to burgers. Here’s what they discovered.

Instagram Beauty Trends 2022

Instagram reported a rise in interest for ‘clean beauty’. This covers everything from ethically produced makeup to skincare routines that exclude any harsh chemicals.

This is a great opportunity for local beauty and clean eating brands to shine.

Instagram Music Trends 2022

It’s no surprise that music plays an important role in Instagram 2022 Trends. Over 70% of teens claimed that they expect to discover new music and artists on social media and 1 in 3 claimed an interest in new dance trends.

This means that music will play an important role for all creators on instagram.

Instagram Food Trends 2022

Kitchens all around the world have been transformed thanks to online foodies. 1 in 4 people reported trying out a new recipe after seeing their favorite creator post about it.

Online foodies offer a great way to share your ingredients through mouth watering recipes.

The Power of Memes

When it comes to connecting with teens, there’s no better way to do it than through memes. Instagram reported a notable increase in stock and astrology memes in 2021 and are expecting this to rise in 2022.

Video memes were found to be particularly effective and the best performing memes combined a sense of irony and sincerity.

Creators and Influence

The impact online creators have is undeniable. 4 out of 5 people shared that online creators and celebrities with a large online presence have a larger impact on culture than traditional celebrities like movie stars.

Microinfluencers were also highlighted as playing a key role in shaping new trends.

More Than Pretty Pictures

Far from being the fun filter frenzy it once was, Instagram has become n important space in the world of activism and social justice.

About half of all users on Instagram follow at least one account that discusses social issues. This means that creators and brands can no longer turn a blind eye to what’s happening around them.

How to Grow in 2022

Whether it’s through Instagram, Tiktok, or whichever new platform 2022 brings, creators play a key role in growing any brand.

With a fantastic 2021 now behind us, we’re looking forward to all the exciting new collaborations that we’ll create in 2022.

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