Every year we wait with crossed fingers and breaths held tight in anticipation of what new kunafa flavours Ramadan will bring. Since the humble beginnings of ‘kunafa bel manga’ the classic dessert has taken forms we never could come up with in our wildest dreams (or worst nightmares).

This year, we’ve reached out to Egypt’s top foodies and asked them to predict what crazy new kunafa flavours you may come across this year. Given past years’ trends, they may not be as farfetched as you would hope.

Beetroot and Feta Kunafa Cups – @Cairo_Loop

We’re not sure whether this is meant to be savoury or sweet. It’s pretty Instagramable either way!

Tin-Shoki Kunafa – @Cairomunch

Proceed with caution!

Kunafa Smoothies – @Omarsfood

The perfect kunafa for those on the move.

Fried Kunafa Cheese Balls – @SarahKhanna

The perfect combination of kunafa nabulseya and mozarella sticks! Would you go for ketchup or syrup though?

Vitamin C Kunafa – @RamySoli

Boost your immunity while enjoying a sweet treat. It’s a win win.

Kunafa Burgers – @Marwanhazem1

As if burgers weren’t hard enough to eat without having them fall apart.

Kushari Kunafa – @Muhammedhazem

Pasta, rice, lentils, chickpeas, onions…. we may as well throw in some kunafa!

Cerelac Kunafa – @Amrhelmyfoodcritic

Baby’s first Kunafa.

Chicken Kunafa – @Sarah_Nashaat_5

Teta says it’s full of protein. Hum ya gamal!

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