A lot of people say β€˜influencer’ and β€˜content creator’ interchangeably when referring to an online personality with a large following.

Being able to tell them apart can help you optimize your brand’s collaborations!

What’s a content creator? 

Content creators, as the name implies, focus on creating content like photos, videos, and blogs. The content they create does not necessarily need to reflect identity but rather is often about an external topic. 

Examples of content can include artistic photography, comedy skits, and educational videos. They usually create purpose with the goal of entertaining or educating their audience.

What’s an influencer? 

An influencer’s personality and life are the essence of their content. Influencers usually create content that revolves around their personal lives and experiences.

Examples of influencer content include travel, restaurant reviews, and sharing genuine heartfelt stories. An audience follows an influencer because they admire or are inspired by their personality.

Who should you collaborate with?

If you’re looking to create killer content, a content creator is obviously your perfect fit.

If you’re looking to leverage a creator’s trust and influence, an influencer is the choice for you.

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