For better or worse, quarantine has changed life drastically for virtually the entire planet. As we begin to transition from a bustling, fast-paced lifestyle to a more stationary one, major adjustments are invariably afoot. Being confined to one’s house or neighborhood is an especially unfamiliar experience to most millennials. It does not however mean that life has to be static. In today’s hyper-connected world. It is undeniably far easier to endure the conditions of lockdown than it would have been pre-21st Century. A major reason for that is the presence of modern technology which offers a wide range of digital platforms that facilitate instant communication; amongst such platforms helping the world retain some semblance of normalcy in these strange times is Instagram.

The influence and impact Instagram

Had on people’s lives pre-COVID-19 was already staggeringly high and evident; people relied heavily (and still do) on Instagram to communicate with their peers, keep up with the news, market their brands, shop, and much more. It is only natural that in such times. Where there is an absence of more activities that would otherwise be done in person. Instagram comes to fill the void. There is little doubt that the absence of communal gatherings has contributed to the widespread feelings of anxiety and yearning felt by many. To compensate this, people have sought the services of Instagram to feel in the presence of their friends and family.

To accommodate people’s needs throughout this pandemic, Instagram has fast-tracked the roll-out of some of its newest features. Amongst those is the co-watching feature. Which enables users to share their saved, liked and suggested photos/videos in the app with up to six people at a time via video chat. Imbuing users with a palpable sense of companionship during virtual gatherings and conversations between friends. In another move to cater to people’s increasing reliance on the social media platform. Instagram chief Adam Mosseri mentioned that they are considering adding the capacity to go live with more people via Instagram Live. The feature which has already resulted in Instagram’s popularity skyrocketing. Mentions of IG Live on Instagram and Twitter surged by 526% in only one week at the outset of the pandemic. Between March 8 and March 15, according to Jeannette Ornelas, a senior digital marketing analyst at Mintel intelligence group Comperemedia.

Communal gatherings are not the only things that have been replaced by Instagram Live

but many events of all sorts as well, including parties, concerts, art exhibitions, classes, workouts, and brand showcases. One such example of this working favorably is in the case D.J. D-Nice’s nine-hour set on his Instagram Live, which was reportedly attended by many celebrities, including Drake, Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell, as well as DJ Khaled. “All these people logged on and you really felt like you were partying with them in the same room,” one viewer commented. 

With more people rediscovering Instagram’s utility in their daily and social lives. It stands to reason that many new avenues for Influencer Marketing will arise. Marketing through social media influencers has never been a more lucrative strategy till now; with everyone’s interactions with the outside world being limited largely to Instagram and other social media outlets. Brands can now seek to plug their names and products in more things than ever before. From cooking classes to all-night raves, it seems there are numerous activities. Making it possible to experience in the comfort of one’s home by Instagram. To liven up the lockdown experience of just about anyone. As a result, Brands can target just about any audience by picking the right online event (out of the plethora that now exists thanks to COVID-19) to market their products or services.

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