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General FAQs

Trendster is an online platform that allows influencers to earn money by promoting brand campaigns on Instagram. Influencers either apply to campaigns posted by brands working with trendster, or are sought out by the brands themselves. Both brands and influencers have powerful analytical tools to help them understand and manage their Instagram audience. As privacy is one of our strongest pillars, personal information including name, contact information, and photos are invisible to brands until the influencer’s profile is unlocked. Brands are also able to see detailed analytics of unlocked profiles. While influencers are engaged in campaigns, both the brand and the influencer get detailed analytical reports on the progress of the campaign.


As an influencer, how do I earn money?

Your payment is based on an offer you make to the brand’s campaign, which is then negotiated and or approved by the brand. When you work your magic and post your unique content, we make sure you get your payment within 15 days.

How can I join trendster?

It’s easy, just sign up on our simple sign up page! Just remember, you need to have a minimum of 5000 followers on Instagram.

Are brands allowed to negotiate my asking price?

Yes. Like any marketplace, this will happen. But only accept if you feel comfortable.

Is there a set-up or subscription fee?

Influencers sign up for free!

What is an Influencer?

We classify an Influencer as someone with 5000+ real followers on Instagram. In time you'll be able to connect more social media platforms into trendster.

Who are the Brands?

Trendster is open to all brands, and those that represent them; including PR, media, advertising, or creative agencies.

Is trendster cutting out talent agents?

Not at all. We work very closely with talent agencies to offer a work-flow solution so they can now manage all of their client's influencer campaigns in one location.


Is trendster cutting out PR, media, advertising or creative agencies?

Not at all. Because we don't mind who posts a campaign on behalf of the brand, we work very closely with agencies of all shapes and sizes to help them perform their jobs with greater impact and efficiency.

Is a post guaranteed to reach all the influencer's fans?

No. social media platforms have algorithms to determine how relevant a post will be. The more engaging, the greater the reach. That's why it's important to choose your influencers carefully (which our cutting edge technology makes much easier).

How do I choose an Influencer?

There are two ways you can do this: The first is by punching in the criteria you need per influencer (demographic, number of followers, location, engagement rate, etc.) and we send out a broadcast to all relevant influencers on our platform. Second, we have a search option (after you’ve created your campaign) where you can find and invite specific influencers to join your campaign.

Can I browse Influencers before I post a campaign?

Most definitely! Finding the right influencer is the name of our game. However you won’t be able to invite them until you’ve created your campaign on the platform!

Are you analyzing all my posted media?

No. Trendster is very keen on giving you current and up to date information.

What kind of analytics does trendster provide?

We give you demographics, number of followers, follower growth, total engagement, and best time to post,

As a brand, do I pay influencers through trendster?

Yes, we have a payment gateway that is as easy as it is secure. The way this works is you pay us once you’ve locked down your influencers and the campaign has started, and we handle the payments to each influencer after they’ve done their part.