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What We Stand For

Create. Amaze. Repeat.

We’re building something that’s new. Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Redefining the influencer marketing industry

Stay focused & Move quickly

We work in small teams with clear goals and responsibilities to execute with efficiency. Our fast-paced, iterative environment allows us to quickly execute, validate, and improve our process.

Put Trendster’s first

We always start by asking: whose problem are we solving? Is it significant? Are we making Trendster’s lives better?

Experiment. Experiment. EXPERIMENT!

Trendster is all about growing and learning from experimentation We learn from our successes, our failures, equally.

Teamwork. Open. Positive. Respectful.

This is the Trendster way of life. We believe in teamwork measured by impact and not by an employees seniority.

Giving Back

We believe that people of influence are tasked with spreading goodness in the world. This concept is at the core of everything we do. Ask us about our #InfluenceForGood program.